Our Solutions

SpazaXpress provide a range of Ecommerce related solutions to enable and simplify the Online shopping eco-systems.

SpazaXpress Marketplace

SpazaXpress marketplace is the FRESHEST, SAFEST and most Customer-Centric online shopping platform which connects customers with brands online. SpazaXpress provides SME’s a safe digital platform to market as well as to sell their products and services. 

SpazaXpress Marketplace is promoting the adoption of safe trust-worthy ecommerce by SMEs into their business processes by providing online shoppers a simple, safe and reliable online shopping platform to search and shop for authentically local brands and products all in one space.

Mobile Money

SpazaXpress is an official master Agent for MTN Mobile money (Momo).

eCommerce Store-front

SpazaXpress creates and delivers online store-fronts that are functional, fully integrated with customisable online shop tools to enable your business convert your traffic to online shoppers. 

We build professional online stores with up to date capabilities such as: Admin Dashboards, Product Categories, Customisable Banners, Images, Shopping Carts for Simple Checkout, Various Payment Options, Delivery Methods and Social Media Integration and many more features.

Our Online Stores are designed to simplify your customer’s online shopping journey.

Internet / Online Marketing

Our online marketing strategies provide your brand a professional digital footprint, ensuring that you are discoverable online and are driving traffic to all your online platforms to convert into sales.
We strategically optimise your content with a goal to rank higher in search engines and ensure you are fully discoverable online.

Website Development

Our websites are perfectly designed to be responsive, simple, and to deliver the best capabilities of an online resource. Appeal to the end-user and drive a strong brand message.

Social Media Marketing

SpazaXpress Optimised Marketing is a social media strategy that gives your brand maximum exposure by listing on our active social media community: “SpazaXpress” The FRESHEST marketplace on social media. SpazaXpress currently reaches over 100 Cities, in 5 different countries. We have 5000+ registered users and growing daily. 4600 of our users are shopping on SpazaXpress daily. 700+ registered local SMEs utilise the SpazaXpress social media platform to advertise and sell their products and services. More than 10 other platforms advertise their content on SpazaXpress Average 50 Product listings daily and 1050 unique products monthly.

Profile Activation

SpazaXpress activates and optimises your social media handles, creates a professional brand message, builds a community of followers for your brand to thrive in the social media space.

Content Development

We create up-to-date and professional content with a strong brand message and Call to Action.

Profile/Page Management

We manage your social media platforms and deliver on our commitment to maximising your brand’s exposure, increasing your followers, and driving traffic towards your sales platforms.

Facebook Ads

We manage all your paid campaigns, deliver on set goals, increase your overall reach and improve your brand awareness.

Business Admin & Consulting

Our Virtual assistants are experienced in Business Administration, we assist with New Business Registrations, Annual Returns, activating CSD accounts & reports for your organisation to ensure you are compliant with S.A’s formal business requirements. Our additional business services include the creation of professional Business Plans, Business Profiles, flyers, advertising posters, logo & business card design & branding.