About Us

SpazaXpress is an end to end ecommerce solutions company established in 2017.
We are seasoned e-commerce professionals who are passionate about activating and maintaining brands on the digital landscape. Delivering personalised end-to-end e-commerce capabilities that enhance the value of your brand and increase your ability to make online sales, this includes: SpazaXpress Marketplace, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Online Store Development, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, AD Campaign Management & Insights through Analytics. 

SpazaXpress ensures that your products achieve maximum exposure to convert by creating customer centric online platforms to provide a seamless online buying experience that is engaging, fun and brand differentiating. 

We assist you to simplify your online journey and deliver a truly omni-channel experience to your online customer.


Providing up to date ecommerce solutions.

The promotion of safe and honest Ecommerce.

Simple online shopping and a seamless digital customer experience.

Maximum online visibility and brand exposure.